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Harm Reduction Support Group

SPUNK! is a free service for gay/bi/queer guys, including trans men, to explore making positive changes regarding drug use. The group runs for 6-week sessions in the spring and fall of each year.

For more information about SPUNK! and to register for the next upcoming group, go to:



Community supports

This section details selected services available at organizations located in the downtown Toronto area. Some organizations are members of the Toronto Gay/Bi Men’s Crystal Meth Task Force. Others are not. Some services are designed primarily to serve gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men. Others are not. Most are located in the central downtown area of Toronto. Others are not. What these organizations have in common is experience with crystal meth issues.

One goal of our resource guide is to provide information and simplify access to Tina friendly services available in Toronto. Wither you’re a user, ex-user, or someone affected by someone else’s use; we recognize that even when you decide you want help, it can be hard to locate. Many people find themselves having to seek out support for the first time because the issues related to problem use crystal meth are daunting.

We’ve created a page for each organization that includes a summary of relevant services, ‘Quick Facts’ details, additional notes, and further contact information. We hope that by providing answers to commonly asked questions up front, it will be easier for you to find what you need. This may be important if you’re uncomfortable about taking that first step of asking for help regardless of what your needs are. We remember.

Most of the services available in Toronto are covered by the provincial health plan or are provided free of charge through other funding so financial resources need not be an access issue. Some services don’t even require a Health Card. Some don’t require an appointment. Many services don’t require an assessment. Most services don’t require a referral. Most services are ongoing.

Unfortunately, it’s also true that support resources for crystal meth issues are very limited in Toronto. Our resource guide makes the most of what is available by gathering the information together in one place. There is a geographic bias towards downtown Toronto because that’s where services are located. You should expect extended wait times for some services. Please be as patient as you can.

What you will find once you do get connected are extraordinary people; non-judgemental, caring competent, experienced professionals who want to help. They include some of the men and women who demonstrate their community commitment through their voluntary contributions to the work of the Toronto Gay/Bi Men’s Crystal Meth Task Force.


AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT)

Canterbury/Mark Perri Clinic

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) – Rainbow Services

Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA) Toronto

Family Services Association (FSA) - David Kelley Services

Hassle Free Clinic

St. Michael’s Hospital - 410 Family Practice Unit

Sherbourne Health Centre

South Riverdale Community Health Centre

Toronto Pubic Health - The Works

Toronto Western Hospital – Addictions Outpatient

Toronto Western Hospital – Addictions Accupuncture Referral Form

Toronto Western Hospital – Addictions Clinic Accupuncture Staff

Deciding to Quit Crystal?
This week-by-week guide can aid you in planing detox and recovery from crystal meth use.

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