Is Tina….?

Is Tina addictive?
Is Tina dangerous?
Is Tina illegal?

Is Tina dangerous?

YES. Tina causes the heart to beat faster and blood pressure to rise. This strains the heart and circulatory system. Since the content of the drug sold varies widely, it’s difficult to judge the size of a dose. Many guys view crystal as ‘just another white powder’ albeit a strong one. A very little goes a long way. It’s easy to take too much. An overdose of crystal meth can result in high body temperature, irregular heartbeat, nausea, seizures, heart attack, stroke and death. The risk of overdose is highest when the drug is injected (or ‘slammed’).

Slamming Tina also puts the user at risk of infections from non-sterile needles, impurities in the drug, and water used to mix it. If needles and works are shared, risks multiply significantly and include common bacterial infections as well as blood born viruses like hepatitis C (HCV) and HIV.

If snorting equipment is shared, such as passing a straw or ‘bumper’ (plastic vial with a valve), there is the potential for similar risks of transmission as with shared needles via damaged nasal mucous linings.