Do you know... Tina?

We think it’s important that you know Tina. We’re people who’ve never used, users, ex-users, and those who provide support to people whose lives have been significantly affected by Tina use. We encourage you to respect yourself enough to be informed about what you’re putting into your body and/or someone else’s, and the associated risks. Know what your friend or loved one is involved with. At least know the basics. That’s what the Tina FAQ section is about.

Why an emphasis on Tina? Crystal meth is a powerful and dangerous drug. It stands apart from other drugs commonly considered ‘party drugs’ in our community. Even though usage rates are low compared to other substances, the impacts tend to be greater and the onset quicker.

We think that an extreme presentation of crystal meth impacts doesn’t reflect the reality of many users in Toronto’s gay and bisexual community. What are often presented in mainstream media are worst-case scenarios. We don’t believe in fear mongering.

We also think that minimizing the real consequences of Tina use is irresponsible. We’re not going to sugarcoat the information here.

One of the challenges in presenting information about Tina (or any other drug) is that a number of variables impact the user experience. An illicit substance made to widely varying manufacturing standards only complicates this further.

Our goal is to mediate these challenges to provide information that is inclusive, useful and easy to find. Please explore other sections on this site for more information and resources on related subjects. You’ll find hundreds of practical risk reduction tips and strategies for users, ex-users, and people affected by someone else’s use. The search function and site map included on each page are tools to help access the resources on this site.