Welcome to, a project of the Toronto Gay/Bisexual Men’s Crystal Meth Task Force. This site is the centre piece of Toronto’s first crystal meth education/awareness campaign. It’s written primarily by and for gay and bisexual men, and other men who have sex with men. We bring the perspectives of non-users, users, people who have friends or lovers who use, ex-users and people who provide support to people whose lives have been affected by crystal meth use.


• High quality information that is accurate, up to date, well written, and inclusive.

• Made in Toronto. Based and referenced on the Toronto experience.

• Our perspective is sex positive.

• Our philosophy is harm reduction that includes abstinence.

• We provide hundreds of pragmatic and creative tips throughout the site for reducing risks.

• We provide general information useful for all, as well as specific sections and articles for non-users, users, ex-users, as well as people affected by other people’s use.



• Support service options and accessibility are limited. We provide online resources that are accessible, anonymous, supportive, and complementary. We’ve created Toronto’s first crystal friendly support resource guide. We provide helpful details up front to make easier if and when you decide to interface with an agency or institution.

• Our goal is to promote wellness. We care about our communities. We provide information that is realistic and tools that are helpful. Ultimately we hope to inspire you.

We hope you find helpful. Please link us to your site if you support our efforts. We’d love your feedback!

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